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Android Spy Apps

Are you looking to spy any android mobile phone without letting anyone know? Off course you can, there are many android spy apps in the market and few of them we have compiled above in the table.

We have tested all the apps and mentioned best Android spy apps in the table.

Before buying any Android spying app you should consider these features:

It should have a proper control panel and reporting should be crystal clear it means the data you will pull from the device must be presented to you in a proper way.

Many Android spying apps do not have the power to track GPS location of the device so a google spying app must have the power to provide GPS location in real time.

It should have the power to block websites and application running on the target device.

Price is another important factor

Every cell phone is different so you may face issues during installation or monitoring, only a good company will provide you quick customer support.

Before buying spy app for android:

Make sure they are offering a spy app for android with reasonable price and license duration. There are companies those selling yearly subscriptions for $350 that just too much for any android spying app.

Licenses for Rooted and Non-Rooted Versions:

Some Android spy app companies are offering licenses for rooted and non-rooted android devices, just make sure to buy the perfect license for your needs.

Mostly non-rooted android phones can only monitor SMS, Call logs, and contact lists but a rooted android phone can spy on WhatsApp, Viber, Line and other social channels.

Stealth Mode:

Some Android spy apps after installation do not run in stealth mode which the target device user can easily identify and remove them, so while choosing the android spy app just make sure the app runs in stealth or discreet mode.